About us

Your best business partner for decal paper in the world


“We sell the paper with the trust”
Our best business partner for decal paper in the world.
The bottom line is that Sammi with their technical know-how, state of the art
production facilities and an ethos of customer satisfaction manufacture
and develop waterslide decal papers which are consistent in quality,
meet customer requirements and enhance customer experience.
Without doubt Sammi are your best long-term partner.


Founded in 1975, production
according to customers’
requirements. Continuous
improvement programmes in
place to develop products and
improve the quality.
Customer retention and
satisfactionis high and continues
to grow as markets served
around the world are extended.
To meet the rapid changes in
the global market we invest
extensively in machinery,
personnel, training, systems
and product development to ensure improvement in the quality and availability of decal papers for today’s and the future’s needs.
With customers at the
forefront of our thoughts
driving research and product
development we strive for
the best quality, we have
become their top business
partner creating in our client
companies world-wide a deep
sense of confidence and trust
in our products.