About us

Your best business partner for decal paper in the world


“We sell the paper with the trust”
Our best business partner for decal paper in the world.
Established in 1975, Sammi Co,. Ltd. has around 45 years of accumulated technical knowledge in the manufacture and development of waterslide decal paper which continues to grow.

This expertise has enabled Sammi to produce and develop paper which meets the often changing demands of customers around the world by incorporating characteristics into the paper considered the most important by customers.
The ability of Sammi to consider customer requirements in every product developed and every sheet of paper produced has resulted in high customer satisfaction and loyalty, many having been customers from the start and have grown as Sammi has grown over the years.
From humble beginnings Sammi now operates some of the most technologically advanced machinery in the industry ensuring that customer requirements are met from the first roll to the last roll and that products consistently meet quality parameters, week after week, month after month, year after year.
The bottom line is that Sammi with their technical know-how, state of the art production facilities and an ethos of customer satisfaction manufacture and develop waterslide decal papers which are consistent in quality, meet customer requirements and enhance customer experience. Without doubt Sammi are your best long-term partner.